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            The People Management section of the main menu is where you can manage all of your different user data and configurations.


            Opening the People Management menu option will expose the key actor roles in REACH for you.  You can edit and/or configure details for
             Select the people type that you want to work with

            You can delete a user from within their profile.

            Change the tab to show Delete YES. User will now be deleted, once you save request and Action Refresh Tab. The users details will now go to Deleted Contacts.  

             When you open up the People Management Screen you can select the type of person that you would like to configure or modify. 

            You can use the Search tab   to find any individual quickly. Just start typing a name and it will appear on screen.
            The detail tabs that are available for you to edit or update will vary with each person type or role.

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            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 10:00 PM
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