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            People Management - Metadata


            Metadata relates to mandatory and additional category information which is applied to boarders.
            You can set Current Location, House, Year and Flags for borders in this section.
            How to use Flags
            Flags are a way to establish additional information about a boarder that can be used to override the general rules in the leave approvals process.  They provide a method to link specific Leave Approvers and Boarders in the leave approvals process.
            In some schools Indigenous or overseas boarders might have their own specific staff contact point. Using flags will ensure that any leave request from these boarders is directed to the designated staff member instead of other leave approvers such as a year master or house master) 

            A flag only works when the appropriate staff member is set with the same flag.


            Master Control Flag is used in conjunction with Flags above. This overrides whatever flags have been set to allow this contact to match everyone so that a leave approver is notified even if they do not have the same flag set in their configuration.
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:58 PM
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