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            Placeholders for Late SMS

            When configuring the Late SMS feature in the System Configuration - Leave, you have the ability to customize the template that will be sent to boarders who are late. 
            The default Late SMS reads:
            Dear _%bfname%_, you are now _%minutes%_ late.
            Please contact Mr. _%sfname%_ _%slname%_ on _%smobile%_ now.
            Dear Johnny, you are now 15 minutes late.
            Please contact Mr. Bob Edwards  on 905 895 1755 now.
            The Placeholder options available are:
            bfname = Boarder First Name
            Minutes = number of minutes late
            sfname and slname = Staff First/Last Name
            smobile = Staff Mobile
            Updated: 25 Oct 2016 01:02 AM
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