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            Printers and Badges

            How to Insert Badges Into Your Printer

            To enable printing on your Brother printer, you’ll need to assemble and insert a roll of badges. Here’s how:

            Roll parts

            1. Place part A through the hole in part B. Step 1
            2. The two pieces will align with a little notch system. Step 2
            3. Slide the roll of labels onto part A. On the end of part A, you’ll see a small notch. Step 3
            4. Align the notch in part C with the notch in part A to keep them together. Step 4
            5. Now the roll is assembled and ready to place into the printer. Part A is will be on the left and part C will be on the right. Step 5
            6. Lift the lid of the printer. Align the notch on the outside of part C within the joint in the printer. Step 6
            7. Feed the roll of labels down through the front of the printer, and close the lid.
            Updated: 26 Sep 2017 09:58 AM
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