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            Providing a Host with Guardianship rights (Loco Parentis) TO DO

            REACH has the ability to assign Leave Rights to different users on the system.

            REACH also has the ability to assign different types of associations for each individual to a boarder. This is a simple set up where we have a mother/father relationship or a host relationship.

            However, it can be complicated where we have a Guardian or Loco Parentis relationship for a short term arrangement.
            Let's say a parent or parents are going overseas and need to ensure all of their LEAVE Notifications and permissions  are copied or forwarded to a member of their child's Host list.

             "My Account" Tab

            Then select Boarders

            Then Select "New Boarder Association"

            From here you can  adjust the association status of any individual to a student.

            IMPORTANT !  A Guardian association to a boarder will receive Leave notifications, as per a Parent.
            In order for a temporary Guardian or Loco Parentis relationship to receive leave notifications as if they were the parent they need to be associated to the boarder as a PARENT or GUARDIAN.

            This video will also help explain these various levels of relationships

            Assigning Guardianship to a Host from Touchline on Vimeo.

            Updated: 07 Nov 2016 10:56 PM
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