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            REACH Boarding Metric View Overview

            REACH Boarding School Software Staff Metric Screen Overview
            Once you have logged into REACH Boarding School Portal, you will see that from your Dashboard (Metric Screen) you can functionally control 80% of you most common tasks.

            Video Transcript:
            Hi, everyone.  Steven here.  What I'd like to show you today is an update of our new features.  And I'm going to start off with our metric view.  So on our metric view you can see that we’ve had a complete overall of the first screen as staff administrator and leave approver when you login.
            Few things that I want to look at and we'll just go in an anticlockwise motion.  Here what we have is our over view graph our total number of boarders per location.  So as you can see on REACH now when I hover over it tells me I have 137 students on campus.
            Over that 137 on campus, I have 127 at this point in time in the boarding house.  I'm still short 10 students, there they are.  I've got 10 students who are on campus on the cricket oval.  If I just pop down to my boarder list, I can confirm on campus 137 students, so far so good.
            Okay.  Let's have a look now I've got off campus.  Off campus, I've got nine students.  I have six of those students are with their parents, one is pin required then that's just the location type that we have been doing for some of our alpha and beta testing but with me that location type and off campus.
            We have one on approved leave and we have one on the local shops.  Well we’ve got some one in the local shops.  If I go to airport, let's confirm that, there it is.  Steven Armstrong boarder is at the local shops.  Fantastic.
            Let's just pop back to our metric.  Again when we have a look at our metric we have now just looked at our overview graph.  On the right hand side, you can see also what is changed.  The colour is really dominant and will bring your eye to it straight away when you login this screen.
            So you'll know as a staff member that you've got leave approved and you've got two actual leave requests that are pending.  Now if that was enough information for you, you can simply say yes from this screen.  If you wanted to see more, you know, the following process, we simply click.
            We see if anyone has actioned this yet and we can have a complete overview of what that leave type was.  So hopefully, now when you log into the metric screen, you'll see first of all where are all your students are sort of easily and more up-to-date.
            You will also see, you know, your approval status and that will draw your eye to approve that you maybe have an actioned yet.  All right.  Back over to our meals widget.  Our meals widget is a seven day forecast.
            We can keep going on this seven day forecast and we can keep coming all the way back.  For the kitchen, we don't want the kitchen to have to do anything more than knows the numbers.  So what we've added here is we've added three meal types and when I hit send to kitchen, I'm going to bring the cursor all the way over here and you're going to see a little pop up over here on this screen.
            So I'm going to tell the kitchen for the next seven days, these are the meals I require and there it is.  It's just telling me that, that Email has been sent successfully to the kitchen.  Something really simple, really easy but will keep your kitchen up up-to-date.
            And remembering that any stage on the metric's screen we've been asked this many times, you can now locate everyone by simple clicks.  Filter on the screen you're in at any time without leaving.  So that's our new features for our metric view.  My name is Steven.  Thanks for your time.
            Updated: 07 Nov 2016 10:39 PM
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