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            Roll Call Message - Please give every Boarder a value

            If you receive an error message when trying to submit your rollcall, register or checkin saying "Please give every Boarder a value" then REACH is trying to tell you that your event is not ready for submission.

            Please give every Boarder a value message is not actually an error message, it is a due diligence message.

            REACH requires a status to be saved for every student in the roll call list as you might expect for any student on a printed roll call list. Without this then the risk is that students are not accounted for when they should be. If the student is not part of the rollcall group then you can..

            1. Use the list filters to define the correct list of students that your roll is for. If you can't find who the message is referring to then hit the HIDE PROCESSED button and all of your processed entries will move to the bottom of the page and the unprocessed students will be obvious at the top.
            2. Mark the student(s) with the centre blue icon and place a note in their rollcall result to qualify why they are not expected to be present.

            Roll Call support video is available which may assist in this training. How to do a Roll Call, Register or Check-in

            Updated: 26 Sep 2017 12:56 PM
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