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            Rollcall - Take rollcall and report


            You may take an attendance or roll-call at any time in REACH. 

            Filter your list

            Your boarder list will automatically be populated with boarder names when you select the Attendance menu item and you can filter the list to suit any group of boarders that you wish to take.

            Each roll-call can be saved for completion at a later time or it can be saved to records. 

            Records automatically stored in boarder records.
            Attendace records for each boarder can be found in the individual's boarder summary and you can also access an Attendance report list which shows a filtered list of boarders.

            Attendance Event Tag

            The Attendance Event Tag is the reference name that you want to give to your the attendance that you are taking.  This is free alpha-numeric text editing so you can name the attendance tag whatever is most appropriate for your record keeping. (eg: Breakfast, Lights Out). 
            Each Attendance event is automatically time and date stamped when it is filed for record keeping so it is not necessary to add time or date details to the tag description unless that is part of the filing reference name that you want  (eg:  8pm Roll Call)

             Pre-Approved Status

            Boarders in your selected list who are known to be absent from your attendance roll-call due to existing pre-approved leave are identified with an orange outline and a note identifying their current expected return time to campus.

            These boarders will be marked in their Attendance History with an approved leave symbol 

             If a boarder has an orange dash beside their name but they are actually present then this will signify that they have not been signed back into the campus from a previous off-campus leave event.  You should sign this boarder back into campus and initiate the roll call again.

            Click a boarder once and their outline will turn 


             to be marked as 



            Click a boarder twice and their outline will turn 


             to be marked as 




            Notes will automatically appear for boarders that are identified as on approved leave with the Orange outline to advise to their expected return date and time.

            You also have the the opportunity to write a note against any other boarder in the attendance list simply by clicking on the Notes Field and entering a note for the boarder.

            ROLLCALL - How to take a rollcall within REACH Boarding School System from Touchline on Vimeo.

            How to take a roll call and print this roll call report in REACH Boarding School System.

            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 09:58 PM
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