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            Setting the Groups Managed for Faculty members and Leave Approvers

            People Management >> Staff Contact Profile >> Groups Managed Tab

            Setting which faculty or staff members are responsible for approving leave for students is done in the GROUPS MANAGED tab of the staff members personal profile.

            REACH will match the student's House "and" Year details to determine which faculty member gets notified and has approving responsibility for each student's leave requests that are generated.

            ! Important !     The House and Year details are matched to align student to supervising staff members.

            The Groups Managed tab is available only for staff type user roles. You will not see the Groups Managed tab in student, parent or host profiles.

            It is used specifically to link staff members to groups of students for the Leave Permissions and Notifications process. REACH also uses this information to preset the display filters for a staff member when viewing various dashboards in REACH such as the Kiosk screen, Manage Leave or Rollcalls.

            Leave Approvers will only be notified and receive approval requests for students that match their Groups Managed settings however they can, if permitted, still approve leave for other students by using the Proxy approval method.

            Useful Tip    Groups Managed can also be used for Kiosk only screens to preset the filter for the Kiosk view to a particular House or Year combination.

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