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            Setting up for boarder sign-in / sign-out with REACH

            Many schools that are operating REACH School Boarding Software have set up facilities for boarders to sign themselves in and out of the boarding house using touch screens or tablet computers in their boarding house foyer.

            These screens link to a permanent display of the REACH Kiosk Dashboard which allows boarders to rapidly identify and assign themselves into or out of the boarding house.

            R2 Wesley College SISO1

            Boarder sign-in / sign-out using touchscreens and REACH School Boarding Software at Wesley College, South Perth, W.A.

            What you need to create your own boarder sign-in / sign-out facility

            1.  Determine your traffic flow – how many boarders do you have ? How many devices will be required ?  Best results will be achieved in peak periods with a loading of about 30-40 boarders per device.

            GGS SISO boarder location select wideview2.  Determine your device – the type of device you use will impact your wiring requirements.  Touch screens will require hard wiring to your network with cables whereas tablet computers can connect using wi-fi.

            3.  If you use student identity cards linked to REACH then the scanners will need to be linked to the touch-screen device using USB.  Be aware that Apple i-Pads cannot accept USB connections.  Some Android tablet computers do provide for USB conection.

            Watch an interview with Brad Evans, Head of Boarding at Guildford Grammar School and see boarders signing in and out of their boarding house using wall mounted tablet devices.

            IMAGE Video Brad EvansGuildford Grammar also use a large TV screen to display the Kiosk Dashboard in their main boarding house foyer. This allows staff to have a visual display of all boarders and their location on campus in real time.

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            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 09:47 PM
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