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            Sign-In IP Address Geo-fence

            REACH provides an advanced monitoring feature which can prevent students from signing back into the school from leave events on their mobile device when they are not in fact at the school.

            Go to System Configuration >> Network

            By setting your school IP addresses locations you can establish a geo-fence sign-in zone that ensures students must be within your school's wifi zone in order to sign back in to school from leave.

            Setting Your IP Addresses in REACH

            In order to use these restrictions REACH needs to know what Network(s) your Boarders MUST be on. This allows REACH to compare the IP Address that the Boarder was assigned when they connected to your WiFi against a list of IP Ranges that you allow in your setting.

            For example, if your WiFi network run across two virtual networks (eg. and then you need to enter both of these ranges on separate lines in REACH.

            For example:


            REACH will then confirm that the IP Address that the Boarder is signing in from matches one of the IP Ranges that you have specified and will prevent sign in from any other IP Addresses that dos not match.

            Updated: 24 Sep 2017 06:28 PM
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