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            Single sign on makes life easy with REACH Boarding School Software

            How many logins and passwords to you have for all of the web access platforms that you use?

            If you are like most people the answer is too many. That’s why Single-Sign-On in REACH School Boarding Software is such a great, user-friendly tool that can simplify the lives of your parent and staff community when implementing and using REACH

            For any school using REACH we can implement Single-Sign-On capabilities. We do this through an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to AD (Active Directory) secure connection. Other methods of SSO are available upon request.

            For those of us not technically minded, this simply means we can have REACH users logging into your system by using their existing school login credentials. So if you have parents with an existing set of credentials in your school web portal or any other school sponsored web service you can then use REACH to login exactly the same way.
            This is a valuable user and administrator tool because it simplifies the user experience and it makes implementing REACH with your parent community so much easier. Access simplicity is the first and most important step in ensuring parent engagement with your boarding school software.

            Updated: 01 Oct 2017 05:14 PM
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