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            SNAP errors when creating Leave Requests

            The SNAP error message is a message that you will receive when something is not right with a Leave Request that a user is creating.  It is a message to the user that the Leave Request cannot be processed correctly because their is either some data missing and REACH cannot identify all of the relevant approvers for the request.

            SNAP errors occur when one of three errors occur;

            (1)  the student does not have parents or guardians associated to them, or
            (2)  the student's grade and dorm settings are incomplete, or
            (3)  there is no staff member for the approving role set to match the student's grade and dorm setting

            The most common reason for a SNAP error is (3) so to trouble shoot

            (i)  Identify in the leave request "where" the SNAP is occurring
            (ii) Check the student's profile to ensure that they have Parent associations and that their Grade and Dorm metadata is accurate (Metadata Tab)
            (iii)  Identify which staff member should be managing the student's grade/dorm combination and make sure that staff member's profile is set to the correct role and that their Groups Managed settings re set to cover the student.
            Updated: 09 Sep 2018 10:20 AM
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