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            Staff Set-Up

            As the administrator you can set up your staff for different roles within REACH. Staff are assigned different security levels.
            • Staff
            • Leave Approver
            • Administrator
            Staff can perform all daily functions of the REACH platform, including leave approval and creation, attendance, sign in/out, pastoral care. Staff cannot amend core data on REACH.
            Leave Approver can perform all functions of an administrator but will receive notifications for leave by Parents, Boarders and Staff.
            Administrator can access all areas of REACH but will not receive notifications for Leave.
            The Security Details tab is where you manage the login and security details of REACH users.

            It is also where you define the Role for the user in REACH from the drop-down menu which shows the roles that you have created in your system configuration.

            PIN Numbers are not compulsory but they can be used as an additional security measure in REACH.


             is a status for boarders where they are prevented from making any leave requests.

            Security Question can be used as additional security or identification support for hosts.

            Groups Managed

            Assigning boarders to groups is simply a matter of ticking the check box for the appropriate groups that you want them to be a member of.

            You can create an unlimited number of groups in REACH for whatever collection of boarders you may wish to manage as a collective.  You can create groups in the Boarder Groups option of the System Configuration menu

            Updated: 07 Nov 2016 11:11 PM
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