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            Synergetic Sync - Exclusion List

            Sometimes when your school's Synergetic database is syncing to REACH each day you may need to exclude some contacts in REACH that you do not want updated by the Synergetic sync. 

            Examples of this may be where a relationship for a Guardian in REACH is not supported by the data stored in REACH or when you have casual or temporary boarders who are not identified as boarders in Synergetic.

            Adding an Exclusion List to the Synergetic-to-REACH sync script can ensure that the data stored in REACH for these contacts can be managed manually in REACH and not automatically updated with each Synergetic sync process.

            Updating your sync script

            To add a student to the exclusion list (this specifically excludes a student or parent from being deleted), open the Perl script file in a text editor and jump down to the bottom.

            There should be a line resembling:
            exclusionList => '',                 # [] of PK's that you wish to NOT be deleted if not

            You will want to add into the single quotes an array with any Synergetic ID's you'd like to be excluded.
            For this case, the line should end up looking like:
            exclusionList => '["55190"]',                 # [] of PK's that you wish to NOT be deleted if not

            Come future students or parents that may need to be added to this list of exclusions, you simply comma separate the IDs like so:
            exclusionList => '["52190", "ANOTHER ID", "AND ANOTHER ID"]',                 # [] of PK's that you wish to NOT be deleted if not

            Depending on the version of the script, the comment on the right (the part after a "#") may differ or not exist, don't worry about that as it has no impact on how the script operates.

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