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            System Configuration Check

            Pre System Check 

            Well you must be nearly there!!

            Go To ADMIN

            Staff Management
            • Select at least two staff members
            • Login as these tow members
            • According to the set up you should see their groups and their security setting
            Boarder Management
            • Select at least 5 Boarders
            • Confirm their login details
            • Confirm their Parents showing in their  associations
            • Boarder is in correct House and Year Group
            Parent Management
            • Select 5 parents (Same as Boarder)
            • Confirm login Details
            • Confirm Boarder is   associated to parents, mother father and notifications are turned on
            • Confirm Email for parents and mobile (if empty filed please look to get this data)
            Next Step, go to your System Configuration

            System Check
            • School Name Appears and is correctly spelt
            • Pre Approved and On campus locations are set (locations for On Leave and On Campus defaults)
            • Late SMS does not exceed 149 Characters (message will be sent but you will be charged for more than one SMS).
            • SISO To Leave - PIN set up only if required
            • Leave Types - Confirm setting and notifications (Always have Leave Approver as the last person) 
            • Notifications - Emails to all users on approval
            • Approval Leave Matrix - Run at least 5 test leave request to confirm correct users are involved. Staff users will be shown if they are a Leave Approver and associated to the same House and Year as BOArder
            • Email is set up - replace with school boarding email
            • Prefix should be country code
            • SMS ID - cannot exceed 11 Characters or SMS will not be sent, must be letters only
            • Correct email address for Kitchen
            • Meals have been added with time (note the time allows the Leave Request module to work out when a boarder will be absent from a meal time).
            • On and Off Campus - configure what you would like your boarders to see
            • Staff override PIN is set
            • Locations - Approved Leave and Boarding House Locations must match System Set Up
            • Locations should be simple and easy to understand, less is better
            • Confirm On and Off campus status is correct
            Look Ups
            • Look Ups - these are the Year and House Groups that all users are connected with
            • REACH uses these to enable the correct leave workflow
            • Delete any look up that was here from DEMO or Trial that will not be required in your live system
            • Confirm that the Boarders and Staff GROUP matches these look ups
            That is is, you are ready to go!
            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 09:08 PM
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