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            System Configuration End of Shift - Complete and Send

            End of Shift Report Complete and Send

            Each staff member can complete their shift report online and have this report sent to other members of staff. Staff can include links to students within the report, so any issues or concerns are kept all within REACH.

            • How to add a student - When using the End of Shift reports please use @ symbol followed by the students name. This will bring up a dialogue box where you can confirm this is the correct student you are seeking to comment on.

            • How to add comments to Student profile - By using the @ symbol you can show the student in question, however by adding - or + we can also show the comment to be positive or negative 
            • Sending your End of Shift Report - to send to other staff is really simple, just select there names or the group they belong too, REACH will advise via Email and Internal notification 
            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 09:43 PM
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