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            HOW TO: Recycle a Leave Request

            How to Recycle a Leave Request
            Leave requests will automatically close when
          • it has been completed with departure and return to campus
          • it has not been signed out to and the Return date/time has expired
          • the request has been rejected by any of the approvers
          • When a leave request or event is closed it will appear in the student's leave history in the sidebar profile for that student.

            How to recycle a used request

            You can recycle any historic leave request simply by opening the item from the sidebar and clicking on the RECYCLE button at the top of the leave details screen.

            How to recycle a rejected request

            For Rejected leave requests that you want to resubmit for approval you simple need to open the edit screen and reset the status from Rejected to Pending.

            Updated: 03 Nov 2018 07:22 PM
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