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            System Configuration - Leave Types

            Leave Types 

            Creating new leave types is carried out in the System Configuration menu.
            You can create an unlimited number of leave types in REACH and with each new leave type you have the flexbility to manage a number of variables.
            Creating new Leave Types is a simple 4 step process.
             General Settings 
            Name your Leave Request for easy reference and familiarity in your boarding school.
            Label is the name for your new Leave Request
            Notes Required sets whether there are some mandatory notes required for the leave type.

            For some leave types (eg: End of Term return home with air flights) you can require additional information in the notes section from parents such as flight details.


            Actors is what we call the participants that will play a role in the processing of any leave event.  These are the people who will be involved in the authorisation process of any new leave type.
            In REACH you also get to identify the order in which each person is involved in the process of approval.

            The Notifications configuration allows you to set how each person involved in the leave type gets notified by REACH.
            You can set the notifications method for each stage of the approval process.


             Email - Notifications sent via email to user as per address in REACH

            SMS Approval - SMS sent to users device

            PUSH Notification

            Approving Leave via Push Notifications from Touchline on Vimeo.

            REACH Boarding School System - Leave Approval via Push Notification

            Overrides allow you to set rules or restrictions for the leave type.
            Who can apply for the leave type?
            You can restrict a leave type to be available only to boarders from a particular year group or any collection of year groups. 
            This means that only those boarders and their parents will see the leave type as an available leave type when they are creating a leave request in the leave details screen. 
            Staff members that must be involved ONLY
            By default when Leave Approvers are selected as Actors in the leave type then "all" leave approvers will receive notification whenever the leave type is requested. This override allows you to limit who will be notified by specifically selecting the staff names what will be notified.
            If you use this override then only the staff on the list will be notified. All other Leave Approvers will not receive any notifications for these leave type events.
            Staff members that must be excluded
            This override is an alternative to selecting specific staff to receive notifications.  This override allows you to select which staff to specifically exclude from the notifications.

            Leave Management Module from Touchline on Vimeo.

            Updated: 05 Oct 2017 03:36 AM
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