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            System Configuration - REACH System Details

            General System Details

            In the General System Details you need to set some of the primary parameters in regards to how REACH operates on your campus.

            School Name
            This is set for you as part of your initial set-up. The school name is displayed in the top left hand corner of REACH and is also used throughout all correspondence with all parties using REACH.

            Pre-Approved Leave Location
            When a Boarder SISO occurs for a Pre-Approved Leave Request, REACH will change the Boarders location to this location.

            On Campus Location
            When a Boarder returns to Campus from Leave, REACH will change the Boarder's location to this location.

            Both Pre-Approved Location and On Campus Location need to be set up in your locations configuration.

            Allow Boarders to see Off Campus Locations
            Boarders have access to the Quick Sign-in Sign-out (SISO) Widget on their dashboard. This will determine whether they see ALL locations (both on and off campus) or just ON campus locations only.

            Staff Boarder Override PIN
            During SISO, if a Boarder cannot remember their PIN and the location to which they are signing out to requires a Boarder PIN, staff can use this override PIN in place of the Boarder's (not their own) to allow the sign out to occur.
            Updated: 25 Oct 2016 01:31 AM
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