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            System Configuration - Rollcall



            Records automatically stored in boarder records.
            Attendace records for each boarder can be found in the individual's boarder summary and you can also access an Attendance report list which shows a filtered list of boarders.

            Rollcall Category Tag

            The Attendance Category Tag is the reference name that you want to give to your the roll call that you are taking.  This is free alpha-numeric text editing so you can name the attendance tag whatever is most appropriate for your record keeping. (eg: Breakfast, Lights Out).  

            Each Rollcall event is automatically time and date stamped when it is filed for record keeping so it is not necessary to add time or date details to the tag description unless that is part of the filing reference name that you want  (eg:  8pm Roll Call)

            Updated: 25 Oct 2016 01:26 AM
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