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            Leave Transport Types

            You may create an unlimited number of Leave Transport Types in REACH to suit all of the potential leave requirements for your school.
            Leave Transport Types are managed as a drop down select item when you are creating a Leave Request.  There is no opportunity for free text entry in the transport options for leave requests so any transport methods that you may want to use in leave requests must be added as Leave Transport Types.

            Making the leave transport types uniform as a drop down selection rather than free text entry allows this metric to produce meaningful data for reporting purposes.

            Adding a Leave Transport Type is simply a matter of selecting the Leave Transport Type option from the System Configuration menu and then selecting Add New Transport Type icon. 

            Give your Transport Type a name and confirm its direction (Leaving Campus or Returning to Campus) so that it appears on the correct drop down menu in the Leave Request Form.
            To delete a Leave Transport Type just select the item and then select the delete button. 

            Make sure you      your work to ensure that the change is implemented.

            Updated: 25 Oct 2016 01:28 AM
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