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            1.0  Basic Information

            REACH School Boarding House System is a web based application so please keep the following in mind when operating REACHcms.

            • Web applications do not use the browser's back/forward buttons. Please refrain from using them as this will cause the web app to behave incorrectly.

            • Sometimes network errors will occur. If you receive an error message, simply click OK and Refresh your Browser. This will fix 99% of most errors immediately. Any errors that continue to occur need to be reported to your school.

            • CAPS LOCK is your enemy. If you cannot log in, please check to ensure that Caps Lock is turned off.

            • Cookies and Javascript MUST be turned on in your browser.

            • Please use the Submit/Update and Cancel buttons because pressing Enter may not always do what you think it will do.

            Data Field Auto Complete

            An Auto Complete is a textbox that allows you to start typing and a drop down list box appears with items that partially match what you have typed. Simply start typing and the list will automatically filter the results based on your typing.

            Pressing up or down on your keyboard will allow you to select an item in the drop down list box. Pressing Enter (or Tab) will select that item for you.

            *Please Note: If you select an item in the drop down list box and then nothing appears in the textbox afterwards, your selection was NOT successful. You will need to try again. Click on the textbox and simply press the DOWN arrow key. This will trigger the drop down list box again and you can then attempt to select the item once again.

            Date Picker
            A Date Picker control has two methods of input;

            1.  You can manually enter a date (in the format of
            2.  You can use the calendar popup to navigate to the date and click on the date.

            These controls are designed to maintain a uniform date data entry.

            Time Picker

            A Time Picker control is like the Date Picker in that you have two methods of data input;

            1.  You can manually enter the time in the format
            HH:MM AM/PM
             2.  Select from one of the time items in the drop down list box that appears upon selecting the control.

            These controls are designed to maintain a uniform time data entry.

            Drop Down

            A Drop Down is a standard control that simply allows you to select the input data from a preset list of items.

            After selecting the control you can use your UP or DOWN arrow keys to navigate between items or you can start typing on your keyboard and if an item exists in the list that matches your typing it will be selected.

            Text Box

            A TextBox is a standard control that allows for any free-form text to
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