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            The difference between Staff Override number and Staff PIN

            REACH allows you to set a Staff Override number and Staff PIN.... so what is the difference in these numbers?

            Staff Override Number

            You can set a staff override PIN number in the system that staff can use when a student PIN is required and the student has forgotten their PIN. This lets the student transaction progress as if it was the student who had entered their PIN. This is a single Reference ID that can be used to replace a student PIN when required.

            The Staff Override Number is set in the System Configuration >> General

            Staff PIN

            STAFF PIN can be required (when configured) for location movements to Approved Leave or any other location where they are set. This is not an override though, it is equivalent to authorisation. or permission from the staff member for the departure of the student to the leave or location.

            Setting a Staff PIN requirement is used as a gatekeeper to prevent students going to a location without first engaging with staff. REACH uses this Staff PIN to ensure that this engagement occurs and to identify the staff member who has permitted the movement for audit purposes in case this is required. You can use staff RFID cards as an alternative to the PIN.

            Staff PIN numbers or RFID card numbers are set in the profile of each staff member. PIN numbers are set in the Security Tab of the Staff Profile and Card numbers are set in the Identifiers Tab.

            Updated: 23 Sep 2017 05:39 PM
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