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            User Dashboard - Parent & Boarder

            1. Main Menu

              provides you with access to the various pages on this portal

            2. User Menu

              The User Menu provides you with administrative access to your account (My Account), and it highlights if there are any Notifications that you have which are waiting for you to action.

            3. Dashboard Tabs

              REACH allows you to work on many things at once. Each item that you are working on will open as a new tab across the top of your dashboard screen. In this image for example there are 3 tabs open.... Home screen, My Account update page and the Notifications Inbox. When using REACH you can switch between these open screens at any time without losing any data on other screen tabs that are open.

            4. Current Leave Requests

              Any leave events that are upcoming for your child or children and may need action by you. You can approve or reject any leave requests from this screen simply by clicking on the approve or reject icons.

            5. Historic Leave Requests

              Lists a leave history for children for whom you are responsible. Some schools may limit the amount of leave that can be taken per term by a boarder and this is a tool that helps you to quantify the current status of leave taken for any period.

            6. News

              The news section will list any news that has been submitted by the school for all of boarding school notification or for groups to which you are associated with.

            7. Search Bar

              Search any content in your REACH portal that you have access to.

            8. Connection Status

              The Connection Icon identifies the current status of your on-line connection to the REACH database.

            9. Notifications Alert

              The Notifications Icon will change color to alert you when you have incoming notifications that needs your attention and action.

            Parent Portal Tour from Touchline on Vimeo.

            Updated: 08 Oct 2017 12:37 PM
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