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            Using Room Numbers and Boarder Watch Lists in REACH

            R3 Rollcall with room numberSorting or ranking a roll call list by room number is now very simple in REACH with room numbers becoming a standard data field for every boarder profile.  Every boarder can be assigned to a room number and then when staff are taking a roll call simply ranking the filtered list of students by the Room Number column will ensure that the list runs in sync with your boarding house room numbers.  It’s a simple but very useful addition to the REACH rollcall feature.

            R3 Filter by watchlist

            Keeping an eye on a high priority list of boarders is also very simple. It is common for schools to have a watch list of boarders.  They may be students who need special attention or students who’s behaviour has staff concerned enough that they want to keep a particularly close eye on them.  REACH users can easily create as many watch lists as they want as student groups and assign as many boarders as you with to each watch list.  Once a watchlist is created then you can use the filtering process in all REACH operating screens to isolate your list for any activities in REACH (ie: boarder lists, reports, sign in/out kiosk, roll calls, etc).   It’s another way that REACH helps schools to manage their boarders.

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            Updated: 01 Nov 2016 10:07 PM
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