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            Using Student ID Cards in REACH

            REACH allows you to use student identity cards to verify student identities when operating the SISO Kiosk.

            Using the student cards is limited to the Kiosk screen at present and it requires a card reading device that can ack as a proxy keyboard for REACH.  These are generally a plug-and-play device that simply plugs into the USB port of your touchscreen device.

            When a student swipes their card their identity is verified.

            This allows you to run the kiosk screen as a headless kiosk (ie: not showing any students) and ensures that a student can only access their own details for SISO movements.

            Process is works as follows:

            1. Place the identity code in the Student profile (identifiers) .... we can bulk upload if you want to provide a csv file.
            2. Set your Kiosk view to Headless Kiosk = YES in your System Config >> General settings
            3. Students then swipe to bring up their profile and SISO are required.
            4. Staff identifier cards can be used as scan to approve a student for exit where Staff PIN is required for off campus movements.

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