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            Deleting Contacts and recovering deleted contacts in REACH

            When a contact is deleted in REACH they are not actually deleted, they are hidden.  We do not delete contact data so that a complete history for a student can be recovered at any time in the future if it is required.  For simplicity, we refer to these hidden contacts as deleted contacts because they are not visible in your portal.

            Deleting and recovering deleted contacts is done in the People Management menu option. Not all users will have access to the People Management menu.

            How to delete a contact 

            Deleting contacts is simply a matter of opening the user's profile in the People Management > View Contacts screen and clicking on the Delete button, or by setting their deleted field to Yes.  Once deleted a contact will no longer be visible in REACH.

            If you are deleting a student then best practice is to also delete the student's parents.

            How to view and recover deleted contacts

            Reviewing and recovering deleted contacts is done in the People Management >> View Deleted Contacts screen.  

            In the Deleted Contacts dialogue you can search for any criteria of a deleted user and any matching records will be displayed in a list below the search dialogue. 

            Opening the profile of a deleted contact will allow you to reset their Deleted Status to NO in order to reset the user as active in your portal.

            Updated: 02 Feb 2018 09:42 AM
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