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            Where to find the saved RollCalls or Register reports in REACH?

            There are two methods to find the full results of a submitted rollcall or register once it has been completed.

            Roll Call Summary Report
            Go to: Rollcalls > Rollcall Summary


            Select your Roll Call Category and the Date that you want to see the report for.  REACH will then provide a summary report for the rollcall with a breakup of data in a House/Dorm view and also in a Year/Grade view. 
            * Note that these two rows aggregate to the same total,  they just display it by different groupings.

            Boarder Attendance over Time Report
            Go to: Reporting > Instant Reports > Boarder Attendance over Time


            Once you click on the 'Instant reports', it will open a tab similar to the screenshot below. 

            From there, select 'Boarder Attendance Over Time (BAOT)' and it will open a new tab as shown in the screenshot below.

            You can filter the roll call through 'Start Date', 'End Date', 'Boarders', 'Dorm', 'Grade' and 'Category' according to your choice.
            Once you have selected all the necessary fields, click on the 'Generate Report' button to produce the roll call report.
            1. Hover over any result with your mouse to see the details of the rollcall item.
            2. Export the data with values instead of icons by adjusting the output format


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