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            Care Group

            What is Care Group?

            Care group feature allows you to create your own circle by adding the phone numbers of your relatives, close friends, neighbors and babysitters so that they can receive your kid's important location updates.
            This feature is really useful when you have to leave your child alone with their neighbours, or babysitter. 

            How to Make Care Group?

            •    Go to Trakbond App

            •    Tap on the “My Account” and then click on the care group options

            •    Add phone numbers of guardians, close relative or friends, so that they can receive alerts directly on their smartphones.

            Extend your Care group 
            Elaborate your care group by adding the phone numbers of your spouse, babysitters and caregivers to the group so that can they can also receive the important alerts of the tracker. 

            Updated: 31 Oct 2019 07:55 PM
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