How To Customize Your Alerts & Notifications?

            Trakbond device will send you notifications (SMS and In App) for various type of alerts such as Panic button alert, low battery alert, safe-zone enter/exit alerts, etc.

            Enabling In App Notifications
            You can enable In App notifications from Trakbond mobile app settings. To enable/disable In App notification, go to Trakbond App > SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS

            Controlling specific alerts
            1. Login to  Trakbond App
            2. Tap on the "My Account"  button present on the Trakbond app.
            3. Go to "Settings" section to customize your settings as per your need.

            Notifications like Panic button alert, low battery alert etc will be sent to your smartphones and these notifications can be changed easily from the app settings.

             Notification Name
            Account Holder
            Care Group Member


            Low Battery

            This alert will be sent when your tracker will have 20%  battery remaining

            Enter/Exit Safe-zones

            This message will be sent when your tracker enters/exits from any safe-zones

            Panic Button Alert

            This notification message will be triggered when someone will press the panic button    

            Updated: 01 Nov 2019 07:14 PM
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