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            How to Setup Your Trakbond Account ?

            Register your Tracker

            In order to use your Trakbond device, you need to first register your tracker and create Trakbond account.  Firstly, visit from your smartphone/PC/laptops and fill in the details to register your tracker.  


            As a verification step, you’ll get an OTP on your registered mobile number that you need to enter to complete the registration process.

            After registration completion, you will use the same username/password to login to the mobile app and your username will your registered mobile number.

            1. The username can't be changed after the registration process.
            2. A Trakbond device can be registered only once.

            You can use same username/password to login into Trakbond App on your secondary or family members' smartphones. You and your family members can track Trakbond device on multiple smartphones simultaneously.

            What’s Trail ID?

            A 10-digit number that uniquely identifies your device. The trail ID printed on the Trakbond device's box.


            Power On

            Hold the power button for 3-4 seconds until the green/blue indicator turns on.

            Power Button in Trakbond Trail


            Power Button in Trakbond Trail+


            Install Trakbond App

            Install the Trakbond app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore and log in using the same credentials that you’ve entered while registering your device.



            Power On

            After switching on your tracker, you need to keep the device under the clear sky such as roof, park to get the best satellite signals.

            Wait for 25-30 minutes till BLUE/GREEN LED light start blinking after every 3 seconds.

            This is a one-time setup process and you don’t need to repeat it every time when you switch on your tracker again.

             What does "Searching for network" means in Trakbond app tracker status?

            "Searching for Network" appears when you setup your device for the first time (just after registration till the time the device is searching for GPS and GPRS signal). Once it gets the signal, the name is automatically changed to "Username's Trail".  User will see "Searching for Network..." till setup process is completely done.  "No data" under “Units” pages means that the user needs to keep the device outdoors to complete the setup process.

            Depending on the satellite signal availability in your area, this one-time setup process may take from a few minutes to a few hours. If BLUE/GREEN LED is not blinking after a while even when you're outdoors, please try changing the location or take the device with you when going for a drive.

            Positioning Method
            The tracker shows its positioning method (GPS or Cellular Tower) using the Icon present of the top right corner of the app.  This helps you in knowing the positioning method which gives a clue whether the position is accurate (in case of GPS) or approximate (in case of Cellular Tower").

            Start Tracking
            Attach Trakbond device to your kid with the help of different attachment options and simply track them from your smartphones/ tablets. 

            Updated: 01 Nov 2019 06:00 PM
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