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            Safe-Zone Alert

            Safe-zone alert feature let you create an unlimited number of safe-zones for your child. These safe areas are basically a place where your kid stays for longer time mostly your home, school and park. With this feature, you will receive prompt notifications via text and in-app alerts when your kid enters/exits from an unfamiliar location. 

            How to Create Safe-Zones?

            Follow some easy step to create safe-zones for your child

            1. Go to Trakbond App
            2. Tap on the “My Account” then click on the “known area” section.
            3. Tap on the + icon and then select the circular or polygon shape as per choice.

            Circular Geo-fence

            For circular geo-fence creation, you need to increase/ decrease the radius of the safe area and after deciding the safe area, click on the “right icon”

            Polygon Geo-fence

            For polygon shape, you need to tap the corner of the polygon and then double click on the shape once you get the desired geofence  then click on the “right icon”


            Updated: 31 Oct 2019 07:56 PM
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