What is a Power-Saver Mode?

            To extend its lifetime, tracker goes into power saver mode automatically when it is kept still at a place for more than 5 minutes. During this mode, the tracker will not be connected to cellular and satellite signal to conserve the device's battery. Also, the LEDs of the device goes off when its in power saver mode. 

            In Power Saver mode, tracker shows the last known location of your child in the mobile app.

            When the tracker gets in motion again, the Trakbond exits this mode and start sending the location again to the Trakbond app.

            Remember when Trakbond is still for 10-15 minutes, it will go into the power-saver mode. As soon as it notices any movements, it will exit the Power saver mode and starts giving the location updates.

            Situations you may see the tracker going into power-saver mode:

            1. When kept on a table
            2. In child's school bag in the classroom
            3. When kept inside a stationary car
            4. At movie theater or restaurant

            Updated: 01 Nov 2019 07:12 PM
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