How to Recharge Your Trakbond Device?

            Trakbond device comes with a pre-installed IOT-based Vodafone SIM card that works nationwide along with 2-months free subscription plan. After 2 months, you can choose any of the prepaid premium plans that suit your requirement.

            After 2-months, you need to recharge your device in order to use the Trakbond device.

            To recharge, just follow a few simple steps mentioned below:
            1.  Login to Trakbond App,
            2. Go to  " My Account " section and tap on " Recharge ".
            3. After this step, a screen will appear that will show you all the different plans, select on any of the plans and proceed to the payment gateway to finish the recharge process.

            Why do I need a Trakbond Subscription?

            Trakbond GPS tracker is a type of cellular device. So when you buy a Trakbond tracker, you subscribe to our cellular network that lets you track your kid’s location accurately on a live map. To avail this kind of services, you’ll have to buy the data plan from us just like you do for your cellular phones. Our subscription plan is not only limited to live-tracking services but it also includes features like Trakbond mobile app, unlimited SMS alerts, multiple maps like Google maps, and excellent after-sale support. By just buying this subscription plan, you can keep your loved ones safe and secure all the time.
            To check our the pricing plans, you can visit to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

            Updated: 01 Nov 2019 07:16 PM
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