Automation - Overview

Automation - Overview

In business, there are numerous everyday activities and processes that need to be done and when automated will save time and effort. For example, a sales manager may be required to assign the leads to various sales reps based on certain criteria. Also, you may need to send pre-sales and post sales follow up emails to customers at scheduled intervals.

Zoho CRM gives you the option to automate workflow procedures and set up automatic replies, alerts, and notifications in advance. You can create workflow rules and associate workflow alerts, tasks and field updates with them. Additionally, you can set up case escalation rules and also assignment rules for leads, contacts and cases generated via web forms.

Workflow Management

Automate your sales, marketing and business processes and standardize working methods.
Workflow Rules | Email Notifications | Tasks |  Field Updates | Scenario | Webhooks | Functions

Approval Process

Set up approval process by specifying criteria based on which records will be sent for approval.
Add an Approval Process | Associate Actions | Approve/Reject from the Approval Tab | Reorder Approval Processes and Process Rules


Perform user-defined actions at a particular time or on a recurring basis through functions.
Create Schedules | Set Schedule Frequency | Failed Schedules | Edit Schedules | Delete Schedules


Create specific set of actions that aide in automating a follow-up task. These actions can be associated with Workflow rules, Blueprint and Approval Process.
Email Notifications | Tasks | Field Updates | Webhooks | Functions

Scoring Rules

Set up scoring rules to prioritize records and focus more on the important leads and contacts.
Set up Scoring rules | View Scores


Design and define your business process in Zoho CRM using Blueprint.
Blueprint - An Overview | Create a Blueprint | Execute a Blueprint

Assignment Rules

Set up assignment rules for records that are generated via web forms and also set up escalation rules.
Set up Assignment Rules | Set up Cases Escalation Rules

Case Escalation Rules

This allows you to configure a rule by which the case can be escalated to other members in the operational hierarchy.
Email Notifications | Tasks | Field Updates | Webhooks | Functions

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