Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

As part of the marketing automation, Zoho CRM provides Campaign management, Email marketing, and Web Forms (to generate leads, contacts, and cases) which are useful for integrating your organization's sales and marketing activities.

With the Zoho CRM campaign management features, you can effectively plan marketing expenditures and improve the quality of lead generation process. In addition, campaign management integrated with leads and opportunities modules helps your organization in measuring the campaign performance and effectiveness.


Plan, execute and monitor the performance of your marketing activities.
Create Campaigns | Associate Campaigns | Add Campaigns to Leads/Contacts | Standard Fields

Web Forms

Build web forms to capture leads, contacts and cases online.
Set up Web Forms | Auto Response Rules | Unsubscription Form

Zoho CRM for Google Ads

Close the loop between online ad dollars and offline conversions.
Configure | Set up Web Form for Tracking | Track Data | Push Data to Google Ads

Mass Email

Send mass emails to your leads and contacts use autoresponders to follow up with customers.
Send Mass Emails | Schedule Mass Emails | Autoresponders | Autoresponder Scenario

Email Marketing with Zoho Campaigns

Export leads and contacts from CRM to Campaigns and easily plan & execute email campaigns.
Learn More

Document Library

Manage all your business related documents in a single place within Zoho CRM for easy access and save storage space.
Modify Profile Permissions | Manage Documents Folder | Upload Documents

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