Python SDK - An Overview

Python SDK - An Overview

Python SDK offers a way to create client python applications that can be integrated with Zoho CRM. This SDK makes the access and use of necessary CRM APIs with ease. In other words, it serves as a wrapper for the REST APIs, making it easier to use the services of Zoho CRM.

A point to note would be that the developer of the client application should create programming code elements along with configuration-related properties files, interface implementations, instances or objects. Authentication to access Zoho CRM APIs is through OAuth authentication mechanism. Invariably, HTTP requests and responses are taken care by SDK.

A sample of how an SDK acts a middle ware or interface between Zoho CRM and a client java application.

Python SDK allows you to:
  1. Exchange data between Zoho CRM and the client application where the CRM entities are modelled as classes.
  2. CRM API equivalents are declared and defined as simple member methods in your python application.
  3. Push data into Zoho CRM, by accessing appropriate APIs of the CRM Service.

Environmental Setup

Python SDK is installable through "pip". Pip is a tool for dependency management in Python. The SDK requires the following from the client app:
  • Client app must have Python 2.7 and above.
  • Client app must have python requests being installed
  • Python SDK must be installed through pip.
  • The method ZCRMRestClient.initialize() must be called on starting up of your application
  • MySQL should run in the same machine serving at the default port 3306.
    • The database name should be "zohooauth".
    • There must be a table "oauthtokens" with the columns "user identifier"(varchar(100)), "accesstoken"(varchar(100)), "refreshtoken"(varchar(100)), "expirytime"(bigint). 

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