Using Best time to contact in Zoho CRM

Using Best time to contact in Zoho CRM

For a person who is always on the go—making important sales calls and closing multiple tasks—there can't be anything more frustrating than an unanswered call or email or even worse, having to leave voice messages very often. Think of all the time wasted in waiting for a reply or a call back on an important deal.

Well, that's not going to be the case if you are using Zoho CRM.

With Best time to Contact suggestions by Zia, you can always be aware of the right time to reach your contacts. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Zia lets you know of the best time to call or email a contact.


Permission Required: All profiles.

Use best time to contact auto-suggested by Zia

Zia suggests best times based on actions performed by contacts either by themselves or in response to your email or call. Let's say your contact visits your website and leaves a chat. The system automatically reads the time stamp of when this happens or when a contact has opened, clicked links or replied to your email and records the same. Similarly, it also records the time of when a contact answers your call and when he/she does not. Based on these data, Zoho CRM smartly suggests a few timings for each day of the week during when the contact is most active with regard to your communication.

Going by these suggestions, the chances of a contact opening your email or answering your call is higher and thus no time gets wasted in leaving voice messages or waiting for a revert. You can plan your tasks for the day efficiently. On the other hand, it also ensures a consistent time-frame in your communication with the customer.

You can either go by these suggestions and call or email the contact during these times or ignore them and contact as per your and their convenience.

Supported Modules

  • Leads
  • Contacts

View Best time to Contact in Zoho CRM

Record detail view

When you click open a Lead or a Contact, you will be able to view the best time suggestion in the Contact detail view page.

The best time to contact suggestions that are listed by default are for Today and the time that appears is the best time to contact in the immediate future. Hover over the clock icon, to view the other suggestions.

To view the best time to contact suggestions for a day in the future, click Today and choose the respective day from the calendar.

Activities list view

You can view the Best time to contact suggestions in the Activities list view for Tasks, under the column named Best time to Call/Email.

The best time to contact suggestions can be also viewed in the list view of Tasks in the classic and customized view of your home tab.

You can sort this column to execute your tasks effectively throughout the day.

Task detail view

When you click open a Task, you will be able to view the best time suggestions in the Task detail view page.

The best time to contact suggestions that are listed by default are for Today and the time that appears is the best time to contact in the immediate future.

Task creation

You can view the best time to contact suggestions while creating a task. After entering the task details, once you choose Reminder, the best time to contact suggestions appear for the day for which the task is being created. Here again, the best of all suggestions is highlighted based on which you can set the reminder.

Task reminder

You can view the next best time to contact (if available) suggestion in the Tasks Reminders.

Quick Create Call/Task

When you quick create a new call or task from the Open Activities section under Related List, you can view the best time to contact suggestions in the Task Reminder.

Reschedule Call

When you reschedule a call, you can view the best time to contact suggestions in the Reschedule Time field.

Send Email window

Zia suggests best time to email for emails that are sent to your leads and contacts in Zoho CRM. While composing an email for a lead or contact, the best time suggestion (if avalable for the record) appears just above the Send button. You can enable the checkbox and click send to schedule the email to be sent during the suggested time.

You can also click the Schedule icon and choose from the Best time to email or select your own choice of date for scheduling the email.

This scheduled email will be available in the email related list with the status-scheduled. You can view the email and edit it before the scheduled time. On clicking edit, the compose window will be open where you can make changes, re-schedule or disable the check box to send the email immediately. You can even cancel the scheduled email by deleting it from your related list.

Note that only the user who has scheduled the email can edit or delete the email if needed, before it is being sent. Users who have sharing permissions, will be able to view the email only.


For more accurate suggestions on Best time to contact by Zia, we suggest that your Zoho CRM account is configured with the following features :

  • Visitor tracking with Chat
  • Email Integration
  • Zoho PhoneBridge
  • Social Integration
  • Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Desk Integration


  • Zoho CRM auto-suggests up to four best times relevant to a contact for each day.
  • You can only view the suggested best times to call/email a contact. You cannot modify them or add new time suggestions.
  • The best time suggestions that come with a star symbol denotes that the suggested time is most relevant to that particular day for which it is suggested. 
  • Once you are past a suggested time for the day, the system automatically strikes it through, yet shows it up to 30 minutes along with the other possible times suggestions going forward.

Understand when Zoho CRM auto-suggests Best time to contact

Best time to Contact appears for a Contact only when at least one of the following has happened at least once:

Contact has answered your call, and the call duration is more than one minute; Contact has called you and you have missed; Contact has called you and you have answered; Contact has opened your email; Contact has opened your email and clicked any links; Contact has sent you an email; Contact has submitted a Support Ticket, Commented on a Support Ticket; or replied to a Support Ticket; Contact has submitted Webform; Contact has posted on your wall; Commented to your post; Liked your post or sent you a Direct Message.

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