Working with Campaigns

Working with Campaigns

Campaign management allows you to plan, and keep track of the campaigns in your Zoho CRM account. This includes planning the campaign, preparing your mailing list etc. In Zoho CRM, campaign management helps you to plan, execute and monitor campaigns in an organized way. You can do the following:

  • Create campaigns
  • Associate other records to a campaign
  • Associate multiple leads or contacts to a single campaign
  • Associate one lead or contact to multiple campaigns


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Campaigns Tab that includes View, Create, Edit and Delete permissions.



  • Planning marketing activities and developing campaign hierarchies.
  • Outlining marketing campaign objectives.
  • Defining campaign success metrics.
  • Building and testing sample campaigns on a subset of customer data.
  • Storing and reusing content from previous marketing campaigns.
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness by linking directly to the leads and contacts.
  • Tracking customer inquiries related directly to campaigns.
  • Tracking sales force closures related directly to campaigns.
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