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            1. Templates - Preset Spaces

            1. Accessing Templates

            1. Click on the hamburger icon or the Space name of the current Space you are in, which appears at the top left of the header. 
            2. You will be shown a list of Spaces you have access to.
            3. Currently these includes a number of Templates, "Welcome" Space, a MockUps Space which displays a number of potential enterprise applications and "Industry News" Space. 
            4. Click on any to navigate to the respective Space, and then navigate to its Pages to explore and familiarise further with UnifiedVU Platform. 

            2. Current Templates

            Some of the key Templates are:

            1. Template - Xero 
            2. Template - Salesforce 
            3. Template - Sugar CRM 
            4. Template - Capsule CRM 
            5. Template - Pipedrive 
            6. Template - MailChimp
            7. Template - Google Apps
            8. Template - Trello 

            Select a Template, navigate through its Pages, and continue to experience UnifiedVU functionality. 

            Last updated: 2016-11-26 

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 07:40 AM
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