Mailchimp App displays results of your campaigns when a contact is selected in an adjacent app. Currently working with CapsuleCRM. 

2. Setting up and usage

The App can only be added to a Page by the Work Space Admin. Once added, anyone who has access to the Space can use the App.

  • Create a new Page or use an existing Page, as you see fit.
  • Select App from your internal App Store (listed under Marketing or Search for it).
  • Click Add.
  • Authenticate with Mailchimp.
  • App is now waiting for you to select a contact on the adjacent app.
  • Once a contact is selected, the Mailchimp App will display campaigns sent, opened and links clicked.

3. Demo

There isn't a particular demo for this App as it should be self explanatory.  

4. Interoperability with Other Apps

This App operates with the following Apps (and more in the future):

  • CapsuleCRM Contacts App

5. Features

  • Authenticate with Mailchimp.
  • Remove credentials.
  • Display campaigns sent, opened and links clicked when a contact is selected on an adjacent app.
  • Display error message: "contact not found" when contact does not exist in any lists
  • Display error message: "Please select a contact with email" when the contact in adjacent app has no email address.
  • Notify if contact has unsubscribed when contact is selected on adjacent app.

6. Screen Shots

Below shows when you have two email addresses of the same contact in Mailchimp, but the email addresses are merged in your CRM. 

7. Release Notes