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            1. Zendesk App

            To setup the OAuth Client at Zendesk end:

            1. Login to Zendesk Agent View 
            2. Click on API under Channels - https://xxxx.zendesk.com/agent/admin/api (replace xxxx with your subdomain)
            3. Select OAuth Clients
            4. Click on add a Client
            5. Enter Client Name: UnifiedVU
            6. Enter Unique identified: unifiedvu_platform
            7. Enter Company: UnifiedVU
            8. No need for Description, but you can enter if you wish
            9. Enter Redirect URLs: https://www.unifiedvu.com/zendesk/complete
            10. Copy Secret key when shown. Please copy it (^C)
            11. Click Save

            To setup Zendesk App at UnifiedVU end:

            1. Add App to a Page
            2. Enter URL: https://xxxx.zendesk.com/ (replace xxxx with your subdomain)
            3. Enter Unique identified: unifiedvu_platform
            4. Enter Secret Key: ^V to paste the code you copied earlier
            5. Click Authenticate
            6. Click Authenticate on modal (pop-up)

            You are now ready to go. Simply select a contact from your CRM Contacts App to see related tickets from the contact.

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 07:36 AM
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