2. Companies House App

            1. Introduction

            Powered by Companies House (only applicable to UK companies), Customer Intelligence App displays Overview, Officers and Documents related to a Company, when the Company name is entered on the App or selected on an adjacent App. 

            2. Setting up and usage

            The App can only be added to a Page by the Space Admin. Once added, anyone who has access to the Space can use the App.

            • Create a new Page or use an existing Page, as you see fit.
            • Select App from your internal App Store (typically listed under Marketing).
            • Click Add

            3. DEMO

            Load the App and search for a company name. Select a company from the presented list to see information under Overview, Officers and Documents tabs. Click on a Document to view it online. 

            If you like a demo with a Contacts App, we suggest you select our demo CapsuleCRM account. First select CapsuleCRM Contacts App from internal App Store (typically listed under Sales). Then enter the following credentials:

            4. Interoperability with Other Apps

            This App can operate with following apps:

            • Contacts Apps, e.g. CapsuleCRM Contacts App, Salesforce Contacts App, etc. Select an Organisation from the Contacts App for Customer Intelligence App to automatically display a selection of matching companies for you to select. Once selected, it will display features listed in section 5 below. 
            • Map App displays the location of the company when a company is selected on the Customer Intelligence App.

            5. Features

            • Enter a UK company name
            • Select the company from a matching list
            • See an Overview of the company
            • See names of Officers in the company
            • See a list of Documents filed
            • Click on document icon to read a specific document online.

            6. Screen Shots

            7. Release Notes

            V1.0.0: 2015 Aug 30

            8. Known Issues

            • Documents stretches outside the modal on right hand side (added to back list).
            • Avatars of Officers are blank (no immediate fix). 
            • Some documents do not display (reported).
            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 07:37 AM
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