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            Hi Manoj

            Today, I will help you to create your first Space and populate it with 3 Apps (Contacts, Companies House and Location) from the AppStore. Once added, the Companies House and Location Apps will respond to your selection of a contact in the CRM App. 


            Creating a Space

            Click on the hamburger sign on top left of the header block. Click "new space" button at the bottom of the side bar. Give a name and click "create space" button. Now you are ready to populate your Space with Apps. 

            Adding Apps

            Click on " + " sign. Go to Sales category and select CRM Contacts App (e.g. CapsuleCRM Contacts). Click on " < " to get back. Go to "Marketing" and select "Companies House" and "Customer Location" Apps.

            Login to your CRM

            Enter the credentials as requested by the CRM App. If you are unfamiliar with finding your credentials, please follow the following steps:

            You need to copy and paste the API Token from your CapsuleCRM account. Follow the following steps to locate your API key:

            • Login to your account.
            • Click on Settings on top right header. 
            • Click on Integrations from left menu.
            • Click on "user preferences page" from the right hand descriptions. 
            • Highlight Token Key and copy (CTRL C).
            • Paste Token Key on UnifiedVU CRM App. 


            Take the Apps for a test drive

            Your Space is now ready for use. Click on Organisation tab on CRM app to select a company. If its a UK based company, the Companies House App will display a list of companies matching the name in your CRM. Once you select the Company, the location App will display its location. 

            Ensure correct permissions

            Click on the Admin icon on top left to reveal Space details, privacy and Pages.

            There are a number of Space privacy settings, and at this stage, we recommend keeping the default setting, which is "only me". Once you have added colleagues, then you can trial "me and allowed users" and "everyone" settings. 

            If you wish to add more Pages, select " + " from the top of the header next to "Home". 

            What's next?

            Our next email will highlight different workflows you could build by creating more Pages and Workspaces. 


            PS: If you have a query, just send it as a reply to this email. 

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 06:22 AM
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