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            1. Introduction

            Pipedrive Contacts App displays all your contacts and organisations/customers/accounts in one place from Pipedrive CRM.

            with name, email address and phone number. This App can inter-operate with a number of other Apps.

            2. Setting up and usage

            The App can only be added to a Page by the Space Admin. Once added, anyone who has access to the Space can use the App.

            To login, just enter the email and password. Once successfully logged on, UnifiedVU will save your login credentials encrypted so that you do not need to re-enter login credentials when you log back in to UnifiedVU next time. 

            Click on App Menu to remove login credentials, if you want to login to another Pipedrive accounts. 

            3. Interoperability with other Apps

            When a contact or an employee (contact of an organisation) is selected:

            • Full Contact App will display related social profiles.
            • edocr Documents App will display documents shared.
            • Xero App will show status of overdue and paid invoices.
            • Google Mail will show emails received, sent and starred. 
            • Google Drive will show related documents.
            • Trello Cards by any CRM will show related tasks.
            • MailChimp Contacts Analysis App will show how email campaigns were responded to. 
            • Zendesk will show tickets filed.
            • CanUMeet will allow you to schedule a meeting. 
            • Twitter will show recent tweets exchanged. 

            When an organisation is selected:

            • Companies House App will show a list of organisations for you to select or the actual organisation with information, details of Officers and statutory documents filed.
            • Zendesk App will display a list of matching organisations for you to select, and once selected, the tickets filed. 
            • Google Drive App will show related files. 
            • Trello Boards will show related Boards.
            • Trello Cards by any CRM will show related tasks.
            • Google Map App will show the location of the organisation. 
            • Xero App will show overdue and paid invoices.
            • Duedil App will show company information. This App is superseded by Companies House App.  

            4. Features

            • Allow you to enter Pipedrive credentials of your account. 
            • UnifiedVU saves the credentials encrypted.
            • App Menu option to remove credentials from our database.
            • Displays contacts grouped alphabetically. 
            • Displays avatar, full name, email address and telephone number of each of your contacts in your Pipedrive account. 
            • Display organisations grouped alphabetically. 
            • Display employees of organisation, when an organisation is selected.
            • Allow you to search contacts and organisations. 
            • One click (little arrow) to visit the organisation or contact in Pipedrive.

            6. Known issues

            • None


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            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 06:31 AM
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