3. Google Spreadsheet - Leave Management

            1. Introduction

            Leave request and approval Single Page Web Applications (SPWA) (5 all together) utilises a Google spreadsheet to store all data. The 5 SPWAs include:

            • New leave request - use by all
            • Leave requests - use by all
            • Show leave request - use by all
            • Outstanding leave requests - use only by Team Manager
            • Review leave requests - use only by Team Manager

            2. Setting up and usage

            Team Member will add New leave request, leave requests and show leave request SPWAs to a Page. Outstanding leave requests and review leave requests will be added to another Page within the same Space. 

            Team Member will then setup the permissions of the Space to "Me and allowed users" and add team members. 

            After authenticating with Google, Team Manager will be asked to enter the ID of the Google Spreadsheet. 

            Tool tips have been included to help setup the associated Google Spreadsheet. 

            3. DEMO

            See Section (2) above. 

            4. Interoperability with Other Apps

            These five SPWAs work alone. 

            5. Features

            • Request a full day or half day annual leave or sick leave.
            • Display approved, rejected and pending leave.
            • Show selected leave with full details
            • Present a list of outstanding leave requests
            • Approve or reject leave requests. 

            6. Screen Shots


            7. Release Notes

            V1.0.0: 2015 Oct 13

            8. Known Issues

            None at present

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 07:35 AM
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