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            Below is a number of workflows you could build as you learn more about the potential of the UnifiedVU Platform.  Please note that each of these apps require you to login to the respective software application. We store your credentials encrypted with the option for you to remove them. 

            Customer Intelligence

            Add Companies House, Location and Full Contact Apps to CRM Contacts App and build your Customer Intelligence View. When a customer is selected, adjacent Apps will show you their statutory accounts and location. When a contact is selected, FullContact App will show known social profiles of the contact. 

            Unified Customer Interactions

            Add Twitter App to your CRM Contacts App to start building Customer and Supplier Interactions. When a contact is selected, Twitter app will display your past tweets with the contact. You can respond to tweets without having to leave your Space. 


            Single Customer View

            Add Xero, Mailchimp and Zendesk Apps to CRM Contacts App and start building the Single Customer View. When a supplier is selected, associated invoices will be shown on Xero App. When a contact is selected Mailchimp will show how email campaigns were responded to by the contact. Zendesk will show any related support tickets and communications.

            Sales Pipeline View

            Add CRM Milestones App a number of times to reflect the sales milestones to build a Sales Pipeline View. You can move opportunities to next or previous milestone stage without having to leave UnifiedVU. 

            What's next?

            We suggest you continue to experiment by building Spaces with app combinations. If you are too time-constraint, you can use these pre-built workflows (app combinations). It's best to put the minutes in now, as learning of the basics will help you and your team become highly productive. 

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 06:23 AM
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