Salesforce Contact App displays all your contacts in one place with name, email address and phone number. It also displays Accounts (Organisations) with employees of the Organisation. 

2. Setting up and usage

The App can only be added to a Page by the Work Space Admin. Once added, anyone who has access to the Space can use the App.

  • Create a new Page or use an existing Page, as you see fit.
  • Select App from your internal App Store (listed under Sales or Search for it).
  • Click Add
  • If you have not entered credentials for another Salesforce App, please enter Salesforce login credentials, which will be saved encrypted in our database.
  • App will now display your contacts and accounts (organisations/companies). 
  • Use the Search functionality to find specific contact or account. 
  • Click on an Accounts (organisation/company) to display employee contacts.

3. Demo

There isn't a particular demo for this App as it should be self explanatory.  

4. Interoperability with Other Apps

This App operates with the following Apps (and more in the future):

  • Companies House App shows company information, officers and files when an account is selected. 
  • Duedil App shows company details when an account is selected.
  • Google Map App shows the location of contact or account when selected. 
  • edocr Documents App shows shared documents on when a contact or account is selected.
  • Full Contact App shows social profiles when a contact is selected. 
  • PeopleGraph App shows related social profiles when a contact is selected. 
  • Xero App shows related invoices when an account is selected.
  • Mailchimp App shows related responses to email campaigns when a contact is selected.
  • Zendesk App shows related support tickets when a contact is selected.

5. Features

  • Allow you to enter Salesforce login credentials of your account, which we save encrypted 
  • Option to remove login credentials from our database. 
  • Displays contacts grouped alphabetically. 
  • Displays accounts grouped alphabetically.
  • Displays employees of accounts when an organisation is selected.
  • Displays avatar, full name, email address and telephone number of each of your contacts. 
  • Allow you to search contacts.
  • Allow you to search accounts. 

6. Screen Shots

See above.