1. Introduction

edocr Leads App displays Document Leads (who viewed, read, downloaded, commented and forwarded your documents) when used with App #3 - edocr Docs App.

2. Setting up and Usage

The App can only be added to a Page by the Space Admin. Once added, anyone who has access to the Space can use the App.

  • Create a new Page or use an existing Page, as you see fit.
  • Add #App 3 (see instructions)
  • Select App from your internal App Store (listed under Documents).
  • Click Add
  • Select a Document on #App 3

Please note that during high traffic periods, edocr may take a longer time to display documents.  


Visit DEMO Site and enter docchamp@edocr.com on App #3 - edocr Docs App. Then select the Document "We belong together - The Case for a United Kingdom"

4. Interoperability with other Apps

This App depends on App #3, which should be added to the Page first. 

5. Features

  • Takes a Document ID from App #3 and displays associated Document Leads including:
    • Display document thumbnail (larger than on App #3)
    • Display document title
    • Display the avatar of the Document Publisher
    • Displays avatars of those who have commented
    • Displays avatars of leads (who interacted with the Document)
    • Display the age of the Document
    • Display total Document Views (number of times Document was accessed)

6. Screen shots

Above screen shot displays the followings: